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happiness | ˈhøpin1s |
1 feeling or showing pleasure or contentment
2 inclined to use a specified thing excessively or at random
3 an abundance in your life of that which makes you happy and giving it away (darwin's definition)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Inspiration Workshop

On Saturday April 18th we debuted the Inspiration Workshop at Cosmic Dog Yoga which is an expression of the message contained in my book Inspiration Divine. In this, I am truly happy. Let me explain.

Per my definition of happiness (an abundance in your life of that which makes you happy and giving it away), the workshop has brought me happiness because of the good that it did for the students. In four hours of physical, emotional and mental work, the students engaged their sensations, feelings and thoughts to put themselves on a very personal and individual path to enlightenment. Witnessing this was amazing to behold.

When I began sharing the draft of my manuscript with others I found out just how hard it is for people to shake loose the logical conclusions that have governed their entire lives. Words on a page, regardless of how well written, can hardly change a person even though they can often move us to a new place. In truth, upon reflection we knew that we would go to these seemingly transformational places but weren't sure how we would get there. Thus for really big shifts, it takes more than words.

The reason I believe this to be the case is that such shifts often don't make sense to the logical Mind. Thus if we limit ourselves to what makes sense, we limit our life experience as God doesn't necessarily need to be limited to the logical, sensible parameters of our Minds. However when we step outside of a mental existence and begin to experience what life would be like in a Spiritual existence the barriers of our Minds begin to dissolve.

The Inspiration Workshop plays in this space. Without ever telling the students what to believe or think, the Inspiration Workshop enables the student to experience the language of the Body, Spirit and Mind in union. When the Mind steps back and allows the Body and Spirit to play their rightful roles, we experience life on an entirely different level. And this is the birthplace of inspiration.

As I spoke with the students afterward, I came face to face with the power of this work. I knew it had the potential to be powerful, but how well it transferred to others in this setting was a big unknown. The full impact was revealed in a beautiful, young woman nestled in the back corner of the room.

She told me that the workshop was the most powerful experience of her life. Those are powerful words and I could tell that she didn't use them lightly. She recently had experienced multiple tragedies in her life and she confessed that she had never faced her sadness.

She told me, "I don't know if you noticed (I did), but I was crying my eyes out during the workshop. I had never faced my sadness but during the workshop I found the courage to face my sadness. This was the first time I've ever done this."

The look of love on her face was unmistakable and her peace was contagious as she exited the room. She was but one of the students that expressed to me how moving the workshop was for them.

As I look back, I have to ask myself, "What if I would've kept this to myself?"

If I would've not labored to make this workshop a reality, if Kelli Barnett and I wouldn't have dragged ourselves into Cosmic Dog every week to bring the workshop together, if I wouldn't have followed my bliss...none of this would've happened.

By sharing we unite Humanity. That sounds so simple but when we share we have to give a lot of ourselves in the process. To survive, it is natural for us to keep this for ourselves and not to give it away. In a sense, it makes no sense to give away that which makes us happy. But when we do, it is powerfully enlightening.

I am deeply indebted to the students who gave themselves so fully in the Inspiration Workshop. It takes a lot to do this work, to walk the path and to take a chance on learning from another. I soooooo look forward to continuing this work.